Easily Customize Your Wedding Invitation Text with Life Invited


All of our suites are crafted with care right down to the typefaces used, but just like everything else about Life Invited, font choices aren’t written in stone. With over 50 font options, including elegant modern calligraphy, you can easily customize the text on your invitation suite in whatever style suits you.

Want to make an even bigger impact? Foil stamping is an easy, eye-catching way to elevate your text to artwork all on its own, and with the click of a button (and a one time fee), you can fancy up your invitation’s text with silver, black, copper, or classic gold foil.

Life Invited Design Tip: If you really want to showcase some fancy font-work, the Timeless I and Timeless II suites from our RB Designs collection offer a clean slate with plenty of room for playing with all aspects of your text, from fonts, to color and size, to position and layout.  If you want more than just text on white, you can even pick from over 100 background colors!

Style is critical, but let’s not forget about the words themselves. Not sure how to write your wedding invitations? Life Invited’s handy Wording Etiquette Guide offers tips on traditional, modern, formal, and informal invitation wording, helping you navigate all the little etiquette considerations. But remember – it’s your wedding, and it’s important to use the phrasing that you feel fits you best, even if it’s a little outside the box.

With so many options for layout, fonts, and colors, how will you spell out your love?