Tie The Knot with Ribbon

Decorative elements can take any stationery to the next level, and ribbons are a popular pick for embellishing wedding invitations. Life Invited is all about providing the options you need to add your personal touch to your wedding invitation suite, and of course, we couldn’t skip ribbons. But with so many color options for our designs,  how could we ensure the right ribbon for every suite?

To ensure there’s a ribbon for every palette, Life Invited has carefully chosen 48 sheer ribbon shades, each matching one or more of our customizable colors. No matter what palette you pick for your wedding invitations, there’s a ribbon guaranteed to coordinate with it. Not sure which ribbon is the right choice? Our ribbon color guide can help you tie the knot with a color that fits your suite.

Your choice of ribbon will be hand-tied to each one of your invitations with no additional assembly charges, and once you’ve added a ribbon, there are endless additional possibilities with our charms and motifs. Life Invited is proud to offer unparalleled color customization without tying you down to a handful of presets – and that goes beyond just artwork and text. Wouldn’t your wedding invitations look riveting with a ribbon?